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2015 New Style Chicken Cage
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Product Description  
1 Chicken cage
H type  chicken  layer cage,, per set capacity 120 hens.  a.Each set size: 1300x1000x2000mm.
 b.Each set 12 cages, 2 cells per cage,  
 c. Cage size:1300*500*(300 - 350);
A type cage
  2.Drinking system 
T-tube,connect-valve nipple drinker,round plastic drinking pipe,connections,water cup.
Adopting advanced nipple automatic drinking system with no leakage to keep the poultry house dry, and to reduce the risk of disease infection
3.Feeding system
    broiler cage adopt the feed pan system have the advantage of convenient adjustment, same eating height and brid running -out prevention.

4.Automatic egg  collection system 
5. Manure removal system
  Belt manure removal system makes manure drier and easier to to remove and recycle,and heighten the efficiency of reusing manuer. transport the manure directly to the vehicle outside the house.

5.Cooling System
the cooling pad push the wind into the house and the cool the house
the ventilation press out the wind to outside. and so the house reach the air convection and then cool the temperture.

6.Container loading

 7.contact us

Automatic egg system

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