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chicken breeding equipment
Información básica
Descripción del producto Specifications
Chicken breeding equipment
1.Automatic, easy control,save workers
2.Easy clean and instal
3.Equipment for long service
Chicken breeding equipment system
1.The main feeding line made up of silo,boot,conveying pipe,three tee, feed drop line,feed level controller and driving unit.
Huabo silo special advantage:
1).Below body thickenss is 1.2mm zinc coating with stronger quality. During joint, galvanized sheet covered to reinforce silo shape.  
2). View part  installed to see the feed level easily. 
3). Pulling style of top cover cap is  diagonal pulling instead of reverse the cap. In case of turn over the top cap. 
4). Galvanized material keep long service time, and corrugated shape let feed convey smoothly. 
5).Compare with glass fiber silo, galvanized material is enviroment friendly. 
2.Chicken breeding equipment system
Auger feed conveying system list      
Specification Auger75 Auger90 Auger125
Delivery capacity 1400kg/h 2500kg/h 4500kg/h
Max length 60m 40m 25m
Geared motor 0.75kw 0.75kw/1.1kw 1.5kw
Diameter of pipe 75mm 90mm 125mm
PVC pipe thickness 3.6mm 4mm 6mm
Elbow radius 1750mm 2550mm 2750mm
Diameter of auger 60mm 70mm 100mm
Auger slope 60mm 65mm 70mm
feeding system
1 Material tower   

2disc feeder

3 chain-type feeder
Automatic drinking water system

environment control system


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